u.p. park and rec

the next morning we were up and at 'em, we made a quick stop at another local restaurant for breakfast, and then we were on our way!  along the winding path to our destination there are a bunch of different awesome sights to see, and since levi had been up here many times before, he knew which ones were worth our time.  we got the chance to see an amazing waterfall and a beautiful beach.  we just took a couple of quick stops, only about a half hour or so at each, and then kept on truckin'.  both stops were really cool to check out.  the first one was a path in the woods that lead us to a bunch of stairs that brought us to a really fantastic waterfall.  the path continued but levi told us that this was the best part, so we didn't bother checking the rest out.  and honestly, we didn't need to, the view that we saw was worth the effort it took to climb back up those hundreds of stairs!
the second location was a really great little beach.  i would have thought it was rather out of the way, that is until we pulled in and couldn't actually find a parking spot- the place was packed!  we eventually found one and made our way to the shore, playing in the sand and rocks for a while in the freezing cold lake superior water!
(more pics)

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