hip- hip- marais!

as we got into the upper peninsula we knew we were going to be in for some gorgeous scenery!  i've been to the u.p. before, but its been 25 years or more since going up there with my family.  diana had never really been up there before, so we were both in for a new experience.  after a long drive we finally made it to our destination: grand marais (pronounced 'muh-ray') right on the coast of lake superior!  levi and miranda had been there before, in fact, levi's family has been making this trek since the 50's!  we had gotten a room at one of the little motels and, after a scenic drive around the town, we checked in for our two night stay.  you can tell this is a really small town- when we pulled up to the motel levi walked over to the office and taped on the window was the key to our room and a sign that informed us that the caretakers would be back... eventually!  so, we grabbed the key and unloaded the vehicle.  after getting everything in its place, we took a quick look around and i was amazed at how cool this little town is- it really feels like some sort of cape town in new england.  just a real quaint little village with a great view of the water- so beautiful!
(more pics)

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