fernwood fun

diana has always told me about the fernwood botanical garden and how she and her family would go there from time to time when she was growing up. she has always said that she would like to go there again.  it took far too long, but we finally got the chance to go there for an afternoon!  we gathered up all the troops- diana, ledger, mom, barbara, and james, and we made our way to fernwood.  it was a pretty neat place, there was a visitor center, and then you walk out onto a beautiful trail and field.  as we wandered down the path we came across a fun sculpture garden and cool outdoor train set that ledger loved!  as we got further in to the gardens we got to check out the bird sanctuary and the narrow path through the forest.  we came across an old fashioned water wheel and ledger even spotted a bunch of fish and frogs in the pond!  every stop along the path ledger wanted to show us everything he saw- he totally loved it!
(more pics)

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