gatecon- day 1

we got an early start on the day so we could arrive at the convention before the first scheduled event.  we knew we couldn't check into our hotel room, so we just went straight to the venue and wandered around the merch room for a while.  as the first guest was getting on stage we found our seats, eager for the days' festivities to commence.  there were a bunch of fun actors from the different shows who had come to share some great stories and answer fans' questions.
one of the things that always surprises me about these conventions is the people who attend them.  now, i would assume that i know the type of people who would go to a stargate convention; initially i would picture a 35 year old fat white guys who still live with their parents (...oh wait, this is hitting a little too close to home), but the reality is that its filled with many different kinds of people!  the majority of the people attending are actually women, couples, and kids too!
jon and i attended a few of the speakers, walked over to macs for lunch, then got to hear a few more sessions.  eventually though, we were both too excited about the hotel that we ditched the last one and headed out to check in for the night.  the closest place we could find available and cheap was about 4 miles away, so we headed out and started planning out our night.
(more pics)

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