monkeying around

after we hit up the museum, we headed over to one of the main streets in south bend where they have a few things for the boys to enjoy.  down the way was the south bend chocolate company, a cool little cafe that also has an ice cream shop and a play area for kids!  right outside the cafe is this funny gorilla, which the boys loved!  inside the ran straight toward the play area, but were quite easily coerced into joining us at the table by the ice cream we offered them.  after the ice cream was gone, though, they wanted to head right back to the play area!  tavish was all about the tall equipment, quickly racing around the structure and down the slide, but ledger was a little more hesitant and a little scared by it...  eventually the two of them wore themselves out, so we headed back to the cars and made our way home- exhausted by a fun day!

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