last gate con

 i look forward to it all year and its finally here: gatecon!  i've been obsessed with the show 'stargate' for many years now and five years ago my obsession took its ultimate form- by attending a convention dedicated to stargate!  (yes, they actually exist...) and i happen to live close enough to one of the only ones in the world, chicago.  since the last stargate related tv show has been off the air for over three years now, the guys that put the convention on had declared that this year would be the last one.  after this, no more conventions.  well, when i heard that i knew i needed to make sure this one went out with a bang!  jon has gone with me to the con for the past couple years, so i asked him if he wanted to make a whole weekend out of it and go for two days instead of just the usual one day.  his response?  of course!  so we made our plans and booked a hotel room so we could stay the night.  then we patiently waited... finally the big event arrived and we were thrilled!  jon came down to pick me up and we were on our way!

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