big jet!

as i was doing a little organizing in the garage i came across a box of some of my toys when i was little.  there was a bag of old transformers toys, so i ruffled through them a bit and found a jet that i knew ledger would love.  ledger found another jet transformer a while ago at mema's house and really loved it- every time we went up to visit he would always want to play with his 'big jet!'  he and that toy were inseparable!  now, finding another one for him at our house, i showed it to him and he was thrilled!  this one is a bit sturdier, so he isnt constantly asking us to 'fix' it because he accidentally pulled on part of it causing it to begin transforming into the robot form.  its such a simple little toy, but it fascinates him to no end.  i kind of see myself in the way he can just completely lose himself in his own little world and play so intently!  i used to do that all the time, loosing an entire afternoon to a handful of micro machine cars!  (alright, if im being honest, i still do...)

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