tavish back in town

as summer begins to wind down, alanna and tavish stopped by for a visit!  it was really nice to see the two of them, and ledger was absolutely pumped to get to spend a few days with his best buddy!  it only took them about 2 minutes before they were back to their old tricks- running around, tavish being chased by ledger who just wanted nothing more than to copy everything tavish did!  the two of them played nonstop- ledger showing off his new toys and tavish showing off the new things he had learned since last we had seen him.  the two of them were inseparable- whether tavish wanted it or not...  for diana and i it was really great to see alanna again!  she has been doing much better, finding some great work thats kept her excited and busy, reconnecting with her old friends, and making some fantastic progress with tavish.
at night, after the boys were put to bed (or watching a movie with their grandma), we got the chance to use the firepit we had put in earlier in the summer.  one night barbara and james were able to join us, another night miranda and levi stopped by for a fire.  since alanna and tavish were only in town for a few days, they made sure to pack them full of fun stuff to do- at one point alanna and the boys met up with one of her friends and their kids and went to a fun waterpark and all the kids got to play in the splash pad!  its always so fun to see our boy playing with other kids and having so much fun!
(more pics)

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