a day at the museum

one of the days that alanna and tavish were here, the whole family headed out to the health works children's museum in south bend.  ledger had never been there before, so he was thrilled when we got there- the place looked like so much fun!  toys everywhere!  one of the exhibits they had was a food market.  the kids could play with all the different types of food that they had; everything from fruit and veggies to bread and cheese!  with so many options, of course our boy latched on to the grossest and ugliest choice there was: a dumb little fish.  he then proceeded to carry that fish through out the rest of the place, showing it all the different attractions and activities the place had to offer!  by the time we had seen everything and were ready to head out, he was still chatting it up with his little fishy friend...  it took some real work, and lots of distractions, to finally convince him to set down the fish so we could leave.  for the rest of the day he whined about missing his fishy, and then proceeded to talk about him for the rest of the week!  i'm starting to think our boy has a one track mind...
(more pics)

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