gatecon- day 2

and so we headed into an unprecedented second day of stargate love!  the convention itself has always been an all-weekend event, but we've never felt compelled to throw in our lot for more than one day until this year.  it was long heralded as the last year they would have the convention, but over the weekend it was announced by the promoters that, due to the overwhelming response from fans, they would actually have one more.  i have mixed feelings about this announcement.  on one hand, i'm glad that i can look forward to going again next year, but on the other hand, jon and i both felt a little bit cheated by their claims that this was going to be the last year...  oh well, we figured we would just kick back and enjoy ourselves and worry about next year when it happens.
again there were some great guests who came to share and talk about all their stargate memories and what they are up to now.  we stopped by the merch tables one last time.  i had a little bit of money left, so i fixed that problem immediately!  we headed out right away at the end of the day so we could hit the road- we both had to work the next day and our homes were a time zone away!
i have a feeling that if they want to keep having conventions, jon and i will keep showing up...
(more pics)

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