learning to swim

we live in a beautiful home with an amazing view of a gorgeous lake.  we totally love it.  with water so close, we knew it was really important to get our son used to being in and around it, staying safe by knowing how to swim.  so, we decided to make sure that he begins learning now!  there just so happens to be a fantastic community center pretty close to us that has a huge swimming area and cheap swimming lessons, so we signed him up.  the class ran for eight lessons over two weeks.  we told ledger that he was going to get to play in the water every day, so he was thrilled at the idea!  that first day diana and i went together, it was a really small class, just ledger and one other girl.  on that first day he did amazing- he was absolutely fearless!  it was a child and parent class and each day they started out without a life jacket or swimmies.  he did really well, right up until the part where he had to actually put his head under the water- oh boy did that freak him out!  over the rest of the lessons we took turns working with him in the water, even having his grandma and auntie come along for a lesson or two to cheer him on!  he got a little more nervous being in the water without swimmies as the lessons went on, but he stuck it out and passed his first class.  we will soon be enrolling him in the level 2 classes which are independent- no mama or daddy allowed in the water!  we'll see how that goes...
(more pics)

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