diana's dad sure does spoil his only grandchild!  at the beginning of the summer he got a couple lawn play sets for ledger- a little one with a slide and door, and then a much larger one with swings and a big slide.  as if ledger needed any more reason to love to see grandpa!  every time we go over there ledger runs to hug grandpa, pets poco and the cat, then immediately asks if he can go in the swing.  we all spend the next 45 minutes taking turns pushing him back and forth on that thing!  its really funny when he gets into the rhythm of the swing, he almost goes into a sort of daze...  he is the most talkative boy on the planet, but when he gets into that swing he goes dead silent, almost like its meditative for him.  on this visit i was pushing him on the swing and his head kind of started to droop- i'm pretty sure he had gotten so zen that he actually started to fall asleep!
finally, we convinced him to get off the swing and join us for lunch.  dad had prepared us a fantastic meal, as always, and as soon as we were done, ledger was asking about going back out on the swing!  we told him that we would go back outside, but we weren't going back on the swing.  instead, we checked out some of the other fun things in grandpa's yard.  ledger wanted to go exploring in the garden, poking all the different veggies, telling us what each of them were and asking if he couldn't figure it out.  he also found his new favorite thing in the world: the garden hose!  at first he asked 'what this?' and after grandpa showed him how it shot out water, he was hooked!  he spend the next 10 minuted drowning everything in the vicinity with a heavy mist of hose water.  after 'accidentally' spraying us for the fourth time, i finally wised up and snuck over to the faucet and turned it off.  when the water stopped coming out of the hose he was absolutely crestfallen!  all he could do was sit and pout.  poor fella!  eventually we got him out of his funk by checking out grandpa's art studio and playing around with some charcoal and paper, but that moment where the hose stopped working was one of the most sincere expressions of heartbreak i may have ever seen in my life!  next time buddy, next time...
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