so there i was, just sitting around with nothing to do.  ledger and his mom had both laid down for naps and i wasn't tired at all.  so, for some reason i decided that i would take this opportunity to do some baking.  that's right, baking!  i found a cookie mix in the cupboard a few days ago and i just had this strange desire to bake up a batch of cookies.  i figured no one would complain about having some fresh made cookies to eat, or would mind having that delicious smell in the air for the rest of the day, so i dug in and made a batch of cookies.  i cant even remember the last time i baked- could it have really been as far back as my own childhood?  the last time i remember baking cookies was with my mom!  with so little experience to draw from, i hoped i would mess it up big time!  turns out those 'easy bake' mixes live up to their name, it was really easy to whip together and plop down on a few cookie sheets.  a half hour later i was hip deep in soft warm cookies!  not surprisingly, diana got up soon afterwards (the fantastic cookie smell must have made its way down the hall and into the bedroom by then, huh?) and the two of us enjoyed some pretty tasty treats!  a little while later ledger got up from his nap and we figured we should keep all this fresh baked goodness for ourselves... we don't give ledger sweets very often, so it was a special treat for him, and boy did he love it!  immediately after finishing his cookie he was asking for another!  i'll admit, he might have had more than one that day, but then again, so did we!
(more pics)

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