backyard fire

one of the improvements we wanted to do around yard this year was to put in a fire pit.  diana has been pining for one for years.  she would always talk about how fun it was to have fires at their house in buchanan and how much she missed it.  we also have been building up a huge collection of branches and wood from the many summers of cleaning up and trimming the plants around the yard.  so we figured it was about time to do something about it!  david and mom had been strolling around the home improvement store when they came across a fire pit assembly that they really loved.  so david and i went back recently and picked it up.  we unloaded all the stones and mapped out the spot that we wanted to put it.  once the weather was good i got to it and dug out the grass, leveled out the spot, and put the thing together.  after checking with everyone to make sure they liked the placement and look of it, i glued all the pieces into place and we are now ready for a fire!

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