wedding cd

one of the things that diana and i had talked about doing for the wedding was making a cd of songs that we really loved and played a part in our relationship. we wanted to make this cd and give it to our guests as a party favor at the wedding, and as a way of giving them a little insight into our lives through the music we love together. the grand plan was to take all these songs we always listened to and burn a bunch of copies to give out. in the fall we made a couple 'rough drafts' of the cd just to see if it would work. after a few tried we settled on a playlist we both liked. now all that remained was actually making them!
now, here lies the problem: i like to procrastinate. these cds were no different! finally, the week of the wedding i realized that i still needed to make the copies of the cd and figure out how to package it- yikes! so finally, i got to it. i went out and bought some cds and started burning. i got to work on the label for the cd (i had bought a label making program and enough stickers for all of them a couple months before). after a little trial and error, i got one that diana and i both were happy with (well, i was happy with it anyway. she didn't think a picture of us should be on it. what?!? thats part of the reason for making a label!)
for the first part of the week, while i was at home, i burned all the copies of the cd and printed off all the labels on my printer. all that remained was assembling them. wednesday night i drove up to my parents place to get ready for the wedding and took all the stuff with me. i spent wednesday night and thursday morning getting everything put together. finally, after too much work, i had the final product- and it looked good!
(pics of the project: 1, 2, 3, and the song list)

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