the poco hotel

thursday afternoon i drove down to diana's to see her and her family. her grandma was in town from florida for the wedding, so we stopped over there to see her and talk with her. again, we figured we would be too busy the day of the wedding to really get to spend time with her. we had dinner there and had a great time!
we headed up to grand rapids together with our dog. there wasnt going to be anyone around to take care of poco because they were all going to be at the wedding! so we had to bring him up with us. jeffry lee and aaron were willing to house him for the weekend, so he headed over there when we got into town. when we first arrived the dog had a really hard time with the new setting. we hung around their place for an hour or two, and by the end of the night he was feeling comfortable enough to let jeffry lee and aaron hold him. he really liked to wander around the kitchen floor and nibble up any crumbs that were on their floor (and there were many...). we set him up in the basement so he could also have his food and pee pad near him and there would be no chance of him messing up their carpets.
diana felt pretty good about leaving him there, but we did stop by regularly during the weekend to check up on him!

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