no more depot

on diana's last day at home depot her coworkers took her out to hacienda for a good bye party. it didnt start until 6:00 pm that night, so i raced right out of work and drove straight there, and i actually made it there in time! diana didn't know i was coming, of course... we had a great time, a bunch of her work friends were there and shared some stories of the great times they had had at work... well, at least about good times they had there avoiding work! it was really cool to see everyone together one last time.
i didn't get to enjoy the festivities all night, i had to head back home and get some work done, after i left they went to another place to meet up with even more coworkers. diana took it like a champ. she said that she was said to see everyone go, but was doing well. at least until she got home that night and called me- she was crying because the reality of not working with those people anymore had sunk in! i told her we would come and visit regularly, i mean we have a home that is in constant need of repairs- we will have to go to home depot regularly!
(more pics)

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