get with the program

thursday morning my mom and i headed over to check out the wedding programs. my mom did a ton of work getting these together, it was one of those things that diana and i werent able to take care of being out of town (and we had totally forgotten about having them... some of the details get lost when planning a wedding!)
we met my sister and the kids there and took a look at what the design place had come up with. after a few corrections and additions, it was ready to print! a couple hours later they were ready, so i picked them up. when i got home with them i looked at them a bit closer and found a few spelling errors, but they didn't seem to bother diana (and it would have been pretty expensive to reprint them), so we just kept them as is. that night diana and i signed each one, folded them, assembled them, and we were done- now we had some nice pretty programs for the days events!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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