song and a dance

after we said goodbye to papa, we walked over to mojo's. along the way we walked through the monroe mall amphitheater. just as we were right in the middle of the floor, the huge outdoor lights come blasting on! i thought it was strange that they would come on just at that second, and then a voice came up over the speakers, thats when it hit me: this was for me!!! my buddy zagman somehow has the keys for the monroe mall amphitheater and opened it up and turned everything on! i look over to the stage, and there is adam walking out on stage with a mic in his hands! he gives a little salute to me, saying this is my bachelor party and telling everyone to give me a round of applause. and wouldn't you know it: there were a couple dozen other people walking by at just that moment who start clapping! adam proceeded to sing through an original rendition of 'the graduation song' by vitamin c. he took the lyrics and altered them so that they were about diana and i! most of the lyrics i should not share here, but trust me, they were funny! (unfortunately it all happened so fast and unexpectedly that i didn't have time to get my camera for any good pictures)
it was an unexpected treat, and certainly one of the highlights of the night!

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