cardboard me

my old roommate from college, robb, had a fun story to share. back in college when we were going to room together, along with rex, robb decided to spend a semester studying in belize. rex and i knew we would miss him, so we decided to make a replacement robb for that semester. here is what we did: we went to the movie theater and purchased a life size cardboard cut out of james dean, then i took a photo i had of robb and brought it to kinkos and had them blow it up to be life size. i cut out the head and put it on the james dean cutout and voila! we had a replacement robb! we kept it in our dorm for the whole first semester. rex and i got used to it pretty quick, but every time someone would come into the room they would be startled by the scary looking man standing in the corner! eventually when robb did come back it was really funny because everyone would say hi because they recognized him, even though they had never met him!
fast forward a couple years, and robb and tracy got married. at the wedding there was a time to share any stories we might have about the couple, i shared this story and then pulled out the cardboard replacement robb! i said that it was a gift to tracy, in case robb is ever at work late or out of town for the night, she could have an extra robb so she would never get lonely! it was a huge hit and many of robb and tracy's family members took pictures next to it at the wedding.
fast forward a few more years, by now i had completely forgotten about the whole thing. its my wedding day and robb and tracy are there. robb takes the mic to share this story, and then pulls out the james dean cardboard cut out, but this time its got my face on it!!!
needless to say, now diana has a replacement me for when she gets lonely!
(more pics)

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