reception hall set-up

friday morning diana's bridesmaids drove up to help out with setting everything up. first on the list was the reception hall. the tables were being set up when we arrived, so we got right to work. mom and aunt ruth (she and uncle don were the master and mistress of ceremonies) got busy making the center pieces for each of the tables. the rest of us strung lights on the fake trees scattered around the room. everyone offered a hand, even the kids, and we got it done very quickly! we had a bunch of different center pieces, some of them had candles, others had flowers, and all of them had rocks on the bottom of them. it took a bit of doing, but we also got my computer set up with the slide show that was going to be playing on the screens for the first hour as everyone arrived before dinner was served.
by the time we were done we were quite happy with the results! now, off to the church!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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