a little sneaky

wednesday night i came into grand rapids to get all the wedding stuff ready (i took thursday and friday off of work). diana had a bunch of stuff to do too, but had to finish up a few things in buchanan before she and the girls came up to join us. they did come up to visit shortly on wednesday night. diana had set up a dinner with her good friends josh and tshecomah. she came up with her sister and lissa. we went to josh's favorite: blue ginger. they have great chinese food, and we all had a great time. it was a chance to spend some time with her friends a bit more one-on-one than we would get to a couple days later at the wedding! when we finished dinner, we were up for more, so we went to main street pub on 28th street. it was a great time, even though i was exhausted!
(more pics)

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