painting, round 4

one week left, and only one room to go! in preparation for diana's arrival i have been repainting all the different rooms of the house, and now i am finally on the last room!
the second bedroom, which we have begun referring to as the office, is the last room that needs repainting, and finally i am able to get to it! diana and i selected a nice shade of blue for the room. it took me a few days to complete, as painting often does. i started on sunday night with a couple coats of white for the trim, window frame, and door frame. monday i put down a primer layer on all the walls, and tuesday i finished up with two layers of blue on the walls. it was a lot of effort (mostly due to the fact that i desperately hate repainting walls...), but it got done and it looks good!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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