husband and wife!

...and now we're married! just as simple as that! we kissed and walked out to much cheering! after laughing with diana and high-fiveing the guys in the back of the church, the two of us headed back in to dismiss everyone and thank them for attending. diana and i hugged each one of the guests- the flower on my lapel was totally destroyed by the time we got to the last row!
after everyone was dismissed we went to the foyer of the church and smiled and chatted with everyone. when it was time to go, diana and i walked out amidst bubbles and cheering. jeffry lee and barbara hopped in the front seat of my mom's car, and diana and i got in the back and drove off! all we did was drive around the block, because we needed to go back to the church and help with the whole cleanup thing...
(more pics)

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