once more, with feeling

diana and i arrived at the church just as everyone else was pulling in. we got into the church and greeted everyone. pastor randy, the pastor from my church (first highland crc) in indiana, arrived to organize the event and let us now what we were in for. we all gathered down at the front of the church and he gave us the rundown.
once we were all up to speed on what we wanted, then it was time to go through it! we all gathered in the back and walked down in the order that we would be for the wedding. i had to go back and forth about 6 times to walk in all the grandparents and parents! the two women we had playing the piano and organ were there as well in order to get the timing right and everything set. we got the hang of it the first time through, but it was a good idea to go through it a second time. by the time we did it twice everyone felt comfortable with the order and everyones places.
randy did a great job of taking control and letting us know what we needed to do. after that, it was off to dinner!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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Miranda said...

I look insanely short walking with aaron... thanks guys... Mark... why couldn't you have ONE short friend?