bachelor dinner party

we got downtown and had planned to go to hopcats, but the place was packed. we didn't quite take into consideration that this was infact a saturday and march madness was in full swing... oops. after waiting about twenty minutes, we decided that we would move up the street a little bit and instead ate at bar divani. just as the guys were making their way to bar divani, my dad called and said that he couldn't find a parking spot anywhere downtown. (in case you are wondering: yes, i did in fact invite my dad to come along with us for my bachelor party. why? because he's cool!) he drove up and i hopped into the car with him to drive around a bit and help him find a place. we ended up going into the parking garage at the b.o.b., it was almost totally full, so we had to go to the top level! when we finally arrived at bar divani, the guys had started ordering and we joined them. they were already having a blast! it was really funny to see my brother-in-law hanging out with they guys along with us, it was really cool that he fit so well into the mix! after a little bit of time, even papa was digging it! he chatted it up with adam and kevin and seemed really at ease around everyone. the food was delicious and we all had a great time talking and laughing. next stop: mojo's!
(more pics: 1, 2, 3)

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