just in case

i have a lot of cds. for many years it was a habit of mine to go to the cd shop almost every week and pick up a couple albums. while it was fun to collect and listen to new music all the time, it leaves me with one big problem: where do i keep them? i've always been very attached to cd cases. while so many people have easily moved on to mp3s and itunes, i can't let go of the physical cd and its case! i've always thought that the artwork on the album and in its booklet is a large part of the artistic expression of the music.
because of that, i have always been hesitant about getting rid of the cd cases. well, now with a wife on the way, it was finally time to get rid of them. diana's friends miranda and levi recently got rid of all their dvd cases and bought plastic sleeves and boxes to store them in. it seemed quite handy, so i decided to follow their lead. i went and got four boxes (each can hold 100 cds), and 400 plastic sleeves. it was a major undertaking, going through the hundreds of cases and transferring them into the plastic sleeves, taking out the booklet and putting that in there too. it took a while, but now that its done, i am quite pleased with the results- instead of a six foot tall bookshelf filled with cds, now i just have four boxes which can easily fit onto just one shelf! diana is very happy with the extra room too.

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