suits and eggs

finally! the day diana and i had been waiting almost a year for is finally here! the day starts off with diana and the other girls heading out to get their hair done. the guys and i plan to meet up for breakfast around 10:30 am. but before we do that, diana's dad and step dad still needed to get their tuxes.
i drove over the the hotel and picked up her dad and we headed to the tux shop. i got what we needed from the store and dropped it off back at the hotel for her step-dad. then we drove over to the restaurant we had planned on meeting everyone at for breakfast. unfortunately, there was a little change in plans: the place we were going to go wasnt open! i guess the night before a car hit a phone pole near by and everyone in the area had lost power because of it, so the place wasnt open because they didn't have power! we acted quickly and told everyone to meet at denny's instead! phew, that was a close one! we had a great meal, jackson even came along! papa was far too kind and actually picked up the tab for all the guys that came, which is always nice!

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