the church set-up

after we got the reception hall in order, the next thing on the list was the reception hall. we drove through taco bell for lunch, then headed over the the church: covenant christian reformed church. we got right to work with trying to come up with a good way to set up the stage. diana wasn't totally sure how she wanted it, other than she didn't want it too crowded up there. there were a bunch of fake trees already up there and around the church that we could use. we also brought some strings of lights, flowers, and some tulle to decorate. so we got busy! the guys moved the heavy stuff while the women told us where to put it. i strained my back a bit, and was worried that i was going to be in pain for the whole weekend, but by evening, it was all better!
after a bunch of brainstorming and trying out a few ideas, we picked a set up that everyone liked.
(more pics: 1, 2)

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