chili dogs and taxi rides

when it was time to go we headed outside. we had to wait a little while for the taxis to show up, but fortunately there was a guy selling chili dogs right there on the street corner! score! timmy and i each got one as we waited, and let me tell you this: it was one of the best chili dogs i have ever had in my life! timmy still rants about how amazing the chili dogs were.
once we thanked the chili dog man for making such great chili dogs, our taxi was there, so we hopped it! only one of them came, so we ended up having to go in two sections. timmy and i made sure that we were on the first load! jeffry lee was on the second load, and he had some pretty crazy stories about what happened for that half hour while they waited for the taxi to get back...
(more pics: 1, 2)

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