reception time

after we took care of clean up at the church, we all headed over to the reception hall. by the time we got there everyone seemed to be having a great time. we had gone against my mom and aunt's wishes, and didn't have a seating chart. they tried to convince us many times, but diana stuck firm and told them no. it turned out to be the right choice, i think, because there were a ton of people there who had not told us they were coming, and a bunch who said they were coming but didn't show up! if we had spend the time creating a seating chart, i think we would have just wasted our time and confused everyone!
when we got there everyone was enjoying the appetizers and drinks that were provided. diana and i didn't actually find out that there were appetizers until a couple days later- by the time we got there they were already gone!
the DJ introduced everyone from the wedding party as they walked in and we all got to have a seat at the head table. now that the bride and groom had arrived, it was time for the fun to begin!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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