bachelor party proper

that's when the night began: we arrived at mojo's! jeffry lee pulled a few strings, so we got right in and we headed up stairs. it took a bit for everyone to get there and get in, but once everyone arrived, the party got really great! we had an amazing time doing the things that guys do at a bar! i was hoping we would be able to play pool there, but when i saw an opening and got hopeful, we realized that it was empty because it was out of order. as the night progressed we had more and more fun, for a while there we even stepped out on the dance floor and did our thang! we spent the time there just mixing it up, talking with everyone else who came. it was really nice to see all the different people mingling with smiles on their faces.
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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Anonymous said...

imissstar1There is so much vibe in those pictures... it's practically unbearable! For this being a bachelor party you guys sure do "chat" a lot. :o) I know at the bachelorette party we just whooted for the most part. (B)