bachelor pre party

ah yes, the rite of every young man as he prepares for his wedding day: the bachelor party! jeffry lee, being the best man, was in charge of planning this party. and he took his job very seriously! we had been talking about and making plans for this for a couple months now, and now the day finally arrived! i didn't want anything too shady, not the stereotypical bachelor party stuff, i just wanted to hang out and have a good time- and we did!
jeffry lee, rex and i had planned on hanging out for the whole day, so we started right away at noon! i headed over to jeffry lee's house and we hung out while rex drove over. when we were all together we stopped in for lunch at applebee's. we chatted and enjoyed the food. after that we went to the mall to see 'i love you, man' with aaron, freddie, and max. the movie was hilarious, and provided us with a running joke for the rest of the night: 'slappin' da bass!'

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