ready for a roommate

i'm finally ready! after all these months of working on the house, i think i'm finally ready for a wife to move in!
for 5 years i've lived here alone, able to do what ever i wanted with this place. by nature i am a pack rat. that works ok if i'm the only one living here, but as soon as you add a girl into the mix, well, then i have too much stuff and not enough room!
thus began the great clean-up! its been a ton of work sorting through everything, throwing away a lot more then i ever thought i would. part of the process of getting ready for her to move is has been fixing things up and making them look better. this is where my dad and brother-in-law would usually come in. over the past year we have built a shed in the backyard, put in a new floor, a new toilet, new carpet in every room, and repainted almost the entire house! most of it is written about here, in case you would like to hear all about the challenges and great results that have come from all that work! a very special thank you goes to my papa and tim, my brother-in-law! you guys did a ton of work and the place is infinitely better because of your work.
needless to say, diana has been very pleased with the results!

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