suit up!

the girls have been at the church for a little while already getting dressed and ready. the guys arrive around noon and we head down into the basement. we find a room that would work nicely for a changing room, and head in. each of us brings our tux with us and we proceed to change. we were joking the whole time about different things, but had to choose our words carefully with jackson there!
a few of the guys must not have ever been in a wedding before because they had a bit of trouble with the different parts of the tuxes, from the cuff links to the button thingies for the shirts. as we were looking through our tux bags we saw that each of us had also been given a little pocket handkerchief. after a bit of back and forth on it, we decided to wear them with the tuxes.
now that we were all dressed up and looking good, it was time to head out and find the ladies!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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