massive movie day 2: the sequel

last year during christmas break the guys and i had some free time so we decided to go see a movie. or 5. it was a ton of fun- a day devoted to seeing as many movies in the theater as we could possibly manage (i wrote about it here). it was so much fun, that we tried to do it again this year. there werent as many people who could take the day off work, but we gave it a shot anyway. jeffry lee and rex had the day off, so we gathered together at the theater in woodland mall (the shows are only $3.50, so it was a nice cheap day) and watched a couple movies. also, the day before, we made plans to go see 'avatar' the way it was meant to be seen: in 3D on an imax screen! papa and tim were in for it too, so i ordered the tickets the night before (which was a good thing, because it sold out by noon the next day). after jeffry lee and i saw the first two movies of the day we had planned on seeing another, but thought it would be best instead to head over to the imax theater early and get good seats. its a good thing we did because it took us an hour to get out of the mall parking lot and make are way to the imax theater (its only about 5 miles away, so that was quite a slow drive!) we got there and got some good seats. i headed back out to the lobby to flag down the rest of the people who were coming: papa, tim, jeffry lee's dad greg, and freddie. when everyone arrived we went in and witnessed one of the greatest movies i've seen in quite some time- the 3D was breathtaking, and the imax screen was enormous! definitely the best way to see that movie for sure!
everyone really loved the movie, but we werent done having fun for the night. so, we walked down the parking lot to bw3 and hung out there for a while and got some late dinner. it was getting too late for papa, so he ducked out after the movie, but tim stayed and went with us to b-dubbs. we didnt know how he was going to get a ride home, but we figured we would think of something. brains came by and joined us for the food. tim had never met brains, so he introduced himself the best way possible: by bumping his diet coke and spilling it all over brains! now thats a nice 'how do you do'! diana had gone down to south bend to meet up with some friends for the day, but came back and joined us for dinner too. it was a really great time, and a great day for movie watching!

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Jon Blair said...

The pop came out of the shirt. Which is good. I love that free shirt.