the verve show '09

one of my favorite bands is 'the verve pipe'. they are a local grand rapids band that hit it big about 10 years ago. they put on a show every year at the intersection in grand rapids the weekend before christmas and i've gone almost every year. i think this is year five for me. each year we gather up a bunch of guys to go to the show. last year diana came and had a great time, so she was totally excited when i asked her about it a month or so ago- she was completely up for it!
for some reason the guys were a bit worried about it being sold out this year, so we headed downtown early. doors opened at 8:00pm, and we were there by 8:30. turned out there was nothing to worry about, we got in no problem. but since we were there so early we just hung out in the lounge up front for a while and talked. by the time the opening band was done, we went back into the concert area. papa vegas, another local band that was kind of big 10 years ago, opened up for verve pipe. i have a couple of their cds, so i really enjoyed hearing their songs again live. by the time verve pipe hit the stage we were having an awesome time. i know just about all their songs, so i really love singing along to them live. diana doesnt know quite as many of them, but she had a blast too! the highlight of the night was definitely listening to them play 'colorful' while dancing with my wife. that song is a very special one to me. i had spent many many lonely nights in years past listening to that song longing for the day i would be able to share it with a girl, and now that i could hear it live while dancing with the most beautiful girl in the world? well, i felt a deep sense of joy and contentment in that moment. every once in a while i am reminded how good life is, and that was certainly one of those moments.
the rest of the concert was magnificent, and we all agreed that we look forward to doing it again next year!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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