double date

since jeffry lee has a new lady friend, i decided to take advantage of the situation and invite them out for a double date with diana and i! i've never been out on a double date with any of the guys, so this was an exciting new experience. jeffry lee was up for it, but was really nervous about the whole thing. diana and i had met jeffry lee's lady a couple nights earlier and thought she was great, so we knew this would be fun. diana and i got there and found our seats, jeffry lee and his date arrived soon afterward. jeffry lee said he was really nervous before he arrived, but mellowed out soon after they arrived. we had a great time, we just sat and talked for a couple hours, enjoying the time with friends and getting to know jeffry lee's girl. both diana and i really liked her and thought she was a lot of fun. much of the time was spent messing around with our new phones- i had just gotten one before we met for dinner, and jeffry lee had just gotten one the day before as well!

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