the mall and a meal

saturday morning diana and i got to sleep in a bit, which was the perfect way to start a vacation! once we did finally get rolling, we went with mom and papa to the mall. mom had a few gifts to get, and wanted to spoil diana and i with buying us a few things, so we didn't argue! we got to the mall, it was about as busy as you would expect for a mall the saturday before christmas- yikes! i got some new shoes, diana got a belt (she forgot hers at our house. very sneaky...) and a couple shirts (thanks a ton, mom and papa!). we all wandered around the mall for an hour or two.
after the mall we met up with tim jill and the kids at logans for dinner. we thought there would be a huge wait, but mom snagged a big table almost immediately! when the kids arrived they were really excited to see us, and we were thrilled to see them. about two weeks earlier it was bubbas 7th birthday (wow, he's getting so old!) and diana and i hadnt seen him since, so we took this opportunity to give him his birthday gift. from his parents he got a nintendo ds, so we got him a new game for it! it took some getting used to, but i think he really liked it. it was fun to see everyone at logans, and we had a great meal.
(more pics: 1, 2)

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