grandma robin

we werent going to see my grandma on christmas, so we picked her up for dinner on christmas eve. she lives in a retirement community, so we drove over and stopped in. we had a couple gifts for her, my mom gave her a calender with all the extended family birthdays on it, and diana and i got her a little devotional book written by many different women christian authors. she loved them both! we went down to the truck and drove over to red robin for dinner. gram had never been there, so she was in for a treat! it was great to just sit and chat with gram about what has been going on in her life lately and catch her up with what we've been up to. she always loves to see us, and we wanted to give her a chance to spend some time with her diana, her favorite new grandchild (i assume). when we got back to the vehicle the weather had been turning quite bad and the truck was covered in half an inch of frozen rain! it was a very slow drive back home!

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