cover the walls

it only took 8 1/2 months, but we finally put the art up on our walls! ever since diana first moved in we had been planning on filling the walls up with some of the artwork she had. well, time kind of got away from us on that one, but with a little bit of papa's help, we finally took care of most of the hanging!
part of the reason i had been dragging my feet on it was that she had a couple pieces of art that her dad had made that she wanted to hang up. these pieces are pretty heavy and i knew that just a regular nail in the wall was not going to be strong enough. i wasnt sure what the best way to make a stronger hook would be, so i just kept procrastinating. well, with papa and mom here this weekend, we figured we could ask him about it (he's a pro at such things. i sure wish some of that had rubbed off on me...). after getting a package of wall anchors at the store, papa hung two pieces and the clock we had gotten months ago as a wedding present. nice to finally get around to using that gift... after mom and papa left, diana kicked me in the but enough to get me to hang the rest of the artwork in the living room and kitchen. we still have a couple more pieces to put up, but the place is looking more and more homey. diana is very pleased!
(more pics)

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Anonymous said...

We had a great time with you on Saturday! I can't believe how great your place looks! (especially the tree!)Thanks for having us. Love you guys!!