heaven thankful walking too

one of the gifts that night was a microphone and its stand. we put batteries in it and the kids went nuts! the base of the stand amplifies your voice a bit, so it makes it louder. it also had a few big buttons on the base so you could add a beat or hear ringing applause at the marvelous singing you had just performed. aves and tweets, natural exhibitionists, took to it immediately! we then spent the next hour hearing the two of them belt out their own personal renditions of 'jesus loves me' and 'the b-i-b-l-e'. aves seemed to make up her own lyrics, which went like this: 'jesus loves me deep blue time, heaven thankful walking too!' were arent really sure what that was supposed to mean, but we laughed and laughed the whole time!
(see both their amazing performances here: 1, 2)


mb said...

Oh Mark that is just as hilarious as the night it happened! Thanks for a good laugh!

mb said...

oops I just noticed that I am commenting using your google acct.!!! But we have the same initials???