a call from abroad

missing from all our christmas family fun was my brother chad. he is in the military, currently stationed in japan. unfortunately he was not able to come home this year, but he did give us a call! we were quite excited to hear that phone ring- i dont think i've ever seen my mom jump out of her seat and run to the phone quicker than that! he talked to mom for a bit, then the phone was passed around to everyone so that we could all get a chance to wish him a merry christmas (which was actually the day before for him. you know, time zone changes and all). all the kids loved to have a chance to talk with their second favorite uncle (sorry chad...), aves got the phone and made herself comfy as she chatted chads ear off! he had actually gotten the christmas box that we all had sent him- we didnt think it would make it in time, i guess it was a ups miracle! he had sent gifts home for each of us too. some of us even opened them up while chad was on the phone.
he was sorely missed during this christmas season, he hasnt been home since last christmas. hopefully we will see him soon though!
(more pics)

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