chi loves it

ever since diana first started cosmetology school she has complained about the tools they give you to work with. one of her biggest frustrations is the subpar quality of the package of tools that are provided by the school. as she began to learn about the different tools they use, she began to see which brands were good and which ones were garbage. of course, all the ones provided were bottom of the line garbage. especially the hair straightener. the best straighteners are from the company called chi, the problem is that they are very expensive! she has made due with what they gave her so far, but has always wanted to get one of the chi straighteners. well, in comes mom to save the day! for christmas diana got a chi from mom and papa! she was really excited about it- now she can do a better job at school! and just to show some sibling unity, mom got one for jill too! look, now they are twins!

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