nerdy gifts

for christmas, diana and i decided to get each other a little something. i had a hard time thinking of something to get her, but after a bit of thinking (and searching) i found the perfect gift for her. turns out she did the same! one of the nights we were at my parents place we exchanged gifts, just the two of us. i wasnt sure what to expect from her, but was excited to see what she got me. turns out she found me the perfect nerdy gift: stargate coasters! i am a huge fan of the stargate tv show (and own every season on dvd), as diana knows, and she gave me this set of four coasters! how awesome is that?!? not only is she thoughtful and creative, but she also supports my nerdy little loves! can a wife be any better than this? i think not! (a special thanks goes out to for their cool stuff!)
it works out well though, because for christmas i got her something equally nerdy! she loves the show 'glee' and watches all the episodes. usually i find something else to do while she's watching it (she does the same when i watch stargate...). every time she watches it though, she kept ranting and raving about the necklace that the main girl on it wears. i, thanks to the endless knowledge of the internet, was able to find one for her. she was thrilled and wears it proudly. almost as proudly as when i use my stargate coaster!
(more pics)

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