sneaking a first gift

when we got back from dinner, mom and dad had a little gift for each of us! we were both pretty excited and tore into them. diana got the game rack-o which we had just played the other night. diana was really excited because she really liked the game- now she and i can play it back home! for my gift papa got me a toy! you might think that at 30 years old i would be too old for a toy, but you would be wrong! i opened it up and it was jake sully, the main character from 'avatar'! awesome! i was really genuinely excited about the toy! (in fact, it soon became a bit of a mascot for us later in the week- i'll get to that soon...) in order to celebrate our new gifts, we tore open rack-o and played again with mom that night!

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Robb said...

Mark, I am impressed (if) Dianna lets you keep a new toy after all the downsizing you did of your stuff last year:)