a fur real kitty

every once in a while there is that one gift that you really want, and if you get it then it was the best christmas ever! well, this year aves had a gift like that, all she really wanted for christmas was a fur real kitty. its a stuffed animal kitty that purrs, blinks, wiggles its ears, and bats its paw. we was so looking forward to getting one. earlier in the week aves was talking to mom and stated 'if i dont get a fur real kitty i will be very sad'. very matter-of-fact about that one! fortunately, mema didn't disappoint! as aves began to open up her gift and realized it was a fur real kitty she was overcome with joy- it was the most adorable thing ever! she was just so excited! mema even cried because she was so touched by aves excitement over the toy. aves was so happy to have her fur real kitty that the rest of the gifts just melted away and she was content for the night!
(more pics)

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