play like a girl

on tuesday jill wanted to go shopping with diana. bubba still had school, but jill was planning on going with the girls. i didnt have anything to do while they went shopping, so i offered to take the girls and babysit them. jill gladly accepted and brought them over. she and diana headed out while tweets, aves and i had some fun! i had been playing on the computer when they arrived, so i asked the girls if they wanted to play. we found a couple games at different websites that the girls had a fun time with, the games were a bit hard for them though. i guess i should have figured, considering they are only 4 and 2 years old... after games i made them some lunch (mac and cheese, which would be their lunch every day of their lives if jill let them!) after lunch the girls brought out some of their toys and we played with their dolls and babies. i guess the best way to tell that they had fun was the fact that when jill and diana came in the door aves cried 'no mom! no mom!' because her being back meant that play time was over!

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Captainbananapants said...

Are you sure you know how to wrap a baby? It looked a little scetchy to me....mishn