decoration shopping

as diana and i were putting up the tree with mom and papa we realized we were missing a few important items. we put poco away and headed off to the store to get what we needed. we wandered up and down the isles together, papa and i making funny comments and cracking each other up, diana and mom pretending they didn't know us. you know, the usual...
after we hit up menards (we had go get a few things for hanging pictures on the walls too), we went over to cabela's. mom and papa had a few gifts they needed to get from there, so we wandered around there for a while, which is always fun! they even had free food samples for us to try- fancy!
(more pics)

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David and Deb said...

Ain't Christmas great! Hey, we think we saw you and Diana at the filming of the Disney Christmas parade. Check it out:
PS: I'm taking a video camera in January!