friday guys

diana got home a little early, so we got ourselves packed up, and headed out! diana had the next week off, so we knew we were in for a good time. for the first part of our vacation we headed up to grand rapids. we arrived there around 8:30pm, we dropped off poco at my parents place, chatted with them for a while, then headed over to freddies place to see the guys. we got there just before jeffry lee and keith. it was good to see freddie again, we chatted for a few minutes before the guys arrived. when we were all there we decided to head over to fridays (big surprise...). we hung out there for a couple hours. we got caught up on all the latest goings on here in the big g.r. freddie shared about his new job, jeffry lee shared about his new girl, diana and i shared about what we had been up to, and keith just sat back and made fun of us all, which is what he is good at. finally around 1:00 diana and i called it a night, the guys went back to freddies to play some rock band, but we headed home knowing we had a full week of great times ahead!

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